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Why Neosapience?


A service of Neosapience, "Typecast" is a differentiated AI speech synthesis technology that creates a unique and emotional voice. Voice acting by dozens of unique AI voice actors provides a new experience for users.

Typecast has more than 400,000 subscribers in less than 2 years after its official launch and produces high-quality content such as various YouTube videos, online/audio news, broadcasting, educational materials, and audiobooks.

In an era where anyone can become a content creator, Neosapience dreams to innovate in the media and entertainment industry with its unique voice quality and AI voice actors' acting skills.

We Boost Your Happiness At Work

Let's draw the future together! You will experience cutting-edge technology on the front lines. We have developed original technologies that learn a specific person's voice with a small amount of data, a speech synthesis technology that can express various emotions, and a technology that synthesizes a foreign language with a specific person's voice. Through this, we are operating a voice acting service with artificial intelligence, which will replace the recording of voice content of human actors. In addition, more and more new artificial intelligence technologies will be introduced in the future, including AI actors.

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Always communicate closely with our service users, strive to improve and grow.
Always try new challenges with your brilliant ideas! Don't get discouraged if things don't go well and rethink.
We have a horizontal relationship! Let’s communicate freely and efficiently.
We enjoy harmony and collaboration regardless of job category, and we always fulfil our responsibilities in our roles.

We hope your work with us will be happy and productive


You are free to use your vacation without confirmation or schedule restriction.
Lunch/dinner, snacks and coffee will be provided by the company. (Hooray🎉! Want to explore a hole-in-the-wall or fancy restaurant? We've got you! )
We work from home twice a week and have flexible working hours.

Culture & Development

The best voice/speech and artificial intelligence experts working together!
Positions don't matter! We have a horizontal relationship at work.
We use a variety of paid tools for work efficiency, and we support them at all times.
We support any books you want to read, seminars you want to attend, and continuing education you want to learn.
We actively encourage you to attend major international events like academic conferences such as NIPS / ICML / ICLR / ICASSP / INTERSPEECH, CES, etc. (Due to Covid-19😷 we are now trying to attend these events online😊).
It is a place with flexible collaboration and respect for colleagues in a calm atmosphere.

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